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Think PodGuides

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Think PodGuides

A PodGuide is combination of a map (PDF or JPG) of a certain place with numbered dots on it and a series of audio tracks (mp3) which you can download for your iPod or mp3 player. Each numbered dot corresponds with the track number you should play to hear the audio comment about that specific place on the map.


Steps for Creating a PodGuide

  1. Determine the subject of the guide and write a narrative script for audio tracks
  2. Label map with numbers
  3. Create an storyboard with Track numbers, Titles and Narration
  4. Take a picture for each track
  5. Record and export audio files with Audacity
  6. Use the PodGuide Generator to package all of the needed data for a PodGuide into one big zip file.
  7. Send to PodGuides


Saint Louis Science Center PodGuide


Other PodGuides

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Georgia Museum of Art

iAudioguide.com - Free city audio guides



PodGuides Press Kit


Creating PodGuides with Windows

Photo Story 3



Windows Movie Maker 2.1



iPod Converter



Creating PodGuides Online




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