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Think Mobile Phones for Learning

Page history last edited by Karen Montgomery 13 years, 10 months ago

Using Mobile Phones to Learn


Mobile Devices #1 with Teens

"About 75 percent of teens plan on having a mobile phone as long as they live, and about 40 percent believe a mobile phone is the only phone they'll ever need, according to a study by Harris Interactive. According to the study, mobile devices are the No. 1 status item among teens, followed by jewelry and shoes"

From CTIA and Harris Interactive,September 12, 2008


Mobile tools are driving the path of education reform

“…The iPod, the most ubiquitous student tool, is enabling college students to tap into lectures on their own time, and in the K–12 space, podcasting is opening up the classroom to parents and to the community. Up next look for the cell phone to play a transforming role.”

Source: “Top Ten Tech Trends,” TechLearning, January 18, 2008



Google:  Mobile Phones Are The Future Of The Internet

February 20, 2007 - Google vice president and chief Internet evangelist Vinton G. Cerf speaks during a press conference in Bangalore. Cerf has predicted that mobile phones, not personal computers, will fuel growth of the worldwide web as countries like India snap up millions of handsets monthly. (AFP) 


Mobile/Cell Phones Are Helpful in the Classroom

Cell Phones -West Virginia Department of Education

Cell Phones in the Classroom: A Good Practice Guide by Terry Freedman

Fun and games with mobile phones: SMS messaging in microeconomics experiments - Stephen L. Cheung

New Study Recasts Cell Phones as Effective Teaching Tool - by Jennifer Anderson

Embrace the constructive uses of cell phones in the classroom for learning - Wesley Fryer

Cell Phones in Math Class - by Ben Rimes

From Toy to Tool: Cell Phone in Schools (Blog) - by Liz Kolb

Cell phone college class opens in gadget-loving Japan, still a test at Cyber University - Sydney Mobile Herald 

Prensky-What_Can_You_Learn_From_a_Cell_Phone-FINAL.pdf - Article by Marc Prensky

Pens, Paper and ... Cellphones?: Examining How Modern Technology Can Enhance Learning in the Classroom

Cell Phones for Learning / iPhones in the Classroom! - Wesley Fryer's Teach Digital wiki



Connected Part 1 of 2

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Connected Part 2 of 2

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Mobile Phones, Mobile Minds

A look at the world of young people with mobile phones, and the impact on schools and education.

Mobile/Cell Phone Uses in the Classroom

  • Polling
  • Assignments: Allow students to upload assignments; text messaging of assignments; photo assignments.
  • Calculators: Available outside math classroom
  • Digital cameras
    • Photography -data collection and documentation; citizen journalism; creative writing stimulus, notes.
    • Video clips: TV journalism; creative movie-making; suggests behavior-modeling clips.
    • Citizen journalism
  • Downloadable Programs: tools for collaboration; teaching programs; fax senders; programming languages; access to other devices.
  • Global Positioning Systems:  field trips; multiplayer search games.
  • Graphic Displays: literature, instructional texts, animations.
  • Mobile Web Internet access: Viewing mobile websites; text only sites.
  • Internet Browsers: basic online reference tools; dictionaries & encyclopedias; search engines.
  • mp3 Player: Listening to podcasts; classroom audio projects.
  • Send Free Text Messages
  • SMS (text-messaging): quizzes, games, tests and test-preparation, opinion polling, reminders, classroom discussion, tutoring.
  • Social networks based on the cell phone: Cellphedia SMS Social Network Service.
  • Voice: language lessons, i.e., English, Japanese using mobile flash cards, dictionary and phrase book software; guided tours; examinations; suggests cell-phone-delivered lectures, with feedback facilities.
  • ispott - mobile scavenger hunt game
  • e-viva project - eVIVA stands for ‘electronic virtual ipsative valid assessment’ and is a research project into the use of online portfolios in ICT at KS3 / yrs 8-9, using the latest technologies including mobile phones to research new ways of assessing pupil performance.

Using Your Camera Phone in the Classroom

See 8 Ways to use Camera Phones in Education - by Jeff VanDrimmelen

  • Whiteboard/Blackboard Archive
  • Handheld Scanner
  • Reminder List
  • Learn Student’s Names and Faces
  • Security/Liability Device
  • Assignments
  • Instant Blogging
  • Memories

Mobile Applications

20 Ways Make Content Accessible on a Mobile Phone (Device)

  1. Eyespot Mobile Cast – Shoot, mix and share videos from and to a mobile device.
  2.  Feed2Mobile - a free service which offers a bridge between web-based and mobile content.
  3.  Gabcast - a podcasting and audioblogging platform that offers an easy way to create and distribute audio content to mobile devices.
  4.  Gcast – create audio broadcasts using a mobile phone.
  5.  Google Video (almost) - See Search and Watch Google Video From Your Mobile Phone &  srobbin Mobile Video
  6.  Mobango – a Universal Mobile Community that allows mobile phone users to publish, convert and share all kinds of user generated content via the web and mobile devices.
  7.  MobiOde - create mobile surveys and polls which collect data from mobile phones.
  8.  Mobile Study - create quizzes that can be downloaded directly to mobile devices.
  9.  Motionbox - share, edit, and store personal videos.
  10.  MySpace Mobile - access MySpace from a mobile phone.
  11.  Odiogo - create text to speech and download directly to mobile devices.
  12.  quillpill - write stories on mobile phones 140 characters at time.
  13.  ReadTheWords - a web based service that generates audio files from written material that  can be listened to online, downloaded as an mp3 or embedded on a website or blog.
  14.  StudyCell - create flashcards online on a mobile phone or website.
  15.  Txt60 - upload audio (wav, mp3, mp2, ogg) and video (avi, mpg, mp4, 3gp, mov, wmv, flv) files with a maximum size of 100 MB.
  16.  Utterz - create and follow audio, video, pictures and text discussions with friends or people with similar interests from any mobile device or computer.
  17.  Voicethread – create online media albums (images, documents and videos) and add comments using voice (microphone or phone), text, audio file, or video (webcam).  A VoiceThread allows an entire group's story to be told and collected in one place.
  18.  Winksite - create a mobile site for daily assignments, m-blog, RSS feeds, links, etc.
  19.  YouTube Mobile – create, upload and browse video from a mobile phone.
  20.  Zoho Creator Mobile - online database application accessed from a mobile device.


    CellFlix Festival - The CellFlix Festival is an annual competition dedicated to the development of creative content for mobile delivery. It's all about imagination, fantasy, and story -- created through and presented on the small screen


    2006 Winner - Cheat

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    2007 Winners

    Judges' Award - Assisted Living

    Texas Instruments Audience Award - Shellfish

    Video Production & Screencast Applications

    • Animoto – web application that produces MTV-style videos using the images and music you choose.
    • CamStudio – Free streaming video software.
    • Jumpcut  - a free website that provides video editing and hosting services.
    • PhotoStory 3 - create photo story slide shows to play on a mobile device.
    • QlipBoard – capture images on a computer and draw, write, record and share.
    • Screencast-o-matic - create a screencasts and upload.

    Common Mobile Phone Functions


    • Bluetooth technology provides entirely wireless connections, using short-range two-way radio signals, for all kinds of communication devices, i.e., headsets, computers, mobile/cell phones, keyboards, PDA’s, etc.
    • How Bluetooth Works from howstuffworks

    Accessing Photos (and Videos) from a Camera Phone

    Setting Up E-mail

    What’s the difference between GPS, GPRS and GSM?

    What’s WAP, MMS or SMS?


    For More Information

    My del.icio.us links for mobile phone

    My wiki page Think Handhelds

    AT&T Webinar on Demand:  "Going Mobile in K-12: Best Practices for K-12 Schools"

    Originally presented September 11, 2008


    Presentation Wiki





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