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Think Filamentality

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What is Filamentality?

Filamentality is an interactive, fill-in-the-blank tool that


guides you through picking a topic;


searching the Internet;


gathering good Internet links;


turning them into online learning activities;

part of the Knowledge Network Explorer (KNE) website.



Six Paths to China

Six activities created as models for ways to integrate the World Wide Web into classroom learning. China was chosen as a topic because it exemplifies the kind of thinking the Web is great at fostering.


Who Should Use Filamentality?


  • Teachers


  • Librarians/Media Specialists


  • Trainers


  • Students


  • Parents


  • Internet Novices


  • Web Authors (for rapid prototyping)


Why use Filamentality?

  • It’s EASY!!!


  • It’s friendly for those new to the Internet.


  • Takes a short amount of time to create a web-based activity.



Filamentality is easy to use!! Filamentality Steps Handout


Hotlist Helpers




Civil War


Harry S. Truman




The Moon


Solar System


World History


Examples of Filamentality hotlists:

A Hotlist on Resources for Blended Learning

A Hotlist on Online Collaborative Projects

A Hotlist on Hurricanes





There are four main resources I like to highlight on the Knowledge Network Explorer site. There are other resources and it should be said all are very worthwhile, but in a one hour presentation I try to focus on the following:


Blue Web'n




Videoconferencing for Learning


Wired Learning


Six Paths to China


Internet Safety Game



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