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NECC 2009 Pre-Conference Workshop - VoiceThread

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NECC  2009 Washington, D.C. 

Using VoiceThread and a Camera to Track Student Learning


Session Information





NECC 2009 Washington, D.C. Group VoiceThread





NECC 2009 VoiceThread Pre-Conference Workshop (sent before workshop)


Welcome and thank you for registering for “Using VoiceThread and a Camera to Track Student Learning!” Please consider this a Pre-Pre-Conference to prepare for the workshop scheduled for June 28. 


When I submitted my proposal for the conference, it was organized as a six-hour session, but, unfortunately, it has been scheduled for three hours instead.  Thus, I am asking for your help to “shave” our workshop in half by spending some time prior to the workshop. I hope this will be informative and fun and make the experience all the more meaningful when we meet in Washington D.C.  

Register for An Account

Please register for a VoiceThread account as soon as possible after receiving this information.  If you already have a VoiceThread account, go to “Join the NECC 2009 VoiceThread Group” in the middle of the next page.

To create your VoiceThread account: Go to the VoiceThread website - http://voicethread.com


  • Click "Sign In or Register" above the VoiceThread logo in the top right corner.
  • Click "Not registered yet? Register?" under sign in.
  • Complete the Registration information:
    • Name
    • E-mail (retype)
    • Password (retype)
    • Click “register” button

Hurray!  You now have a VoiceThread Account!


Be sure to go to My Account by selecting the drop down arrow next to your e-mail address and select an image for your profile! 



Join the NECC 2009 VoiceThread Group

Once you have registered for an account, go to http://voicethread.com/groups/subscribe/6435/5b211421e/ to become a member of the NECC 2009 Group. You are all set to work within our VoiceThread group during the workshop.  If everyone has account created prior to the workshop, this will help us “shave” off about 45 minutes.



Scavenger Hunt of Washington, D.C.

If you are arriving in the Capitol City with time to spare, feel free to take an actual tour of the selected sites and your own photos.  Otherwise, go to http://www.dchistorictours.com/

and under “browse tours” select the NECC Washington DC tour.  Notice how long it would take to walk the tour if we had the time:-)


There are 10 stops along the tour.  Please go to each place, look at the photo(s) and read the information given.  Each stop along the tour provides a URL to help you answer the question associated with each spot on the tour for the scavenger hunt.  Use the web address to help you find the answer.  After completing the entire tour and answering the questions, you will know to two bits of information about each location on the tour.  Find one other fact you find interesting about each location and record it to bring with you to the workshop.  Hint:  The photos and the facts are both important parts of the scavenger hunt.


If you have any questions about setting up your account, joining the NECC 2009 group or the scavenger hunt, feel free to e-mail me at montgomery.karen@yahoo.com.  I look forward to meeting you.




NECC 2009 VoiceThread Pre-Con.pdf






















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