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Enhanced Teaching and Learning with 21st Century Online Tools - Trip to Rome

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Enhanced Teaching and Learning with 21st Century Online Tools


Trip To Rome (Viaggio a Roma)


Colleges and universities are faced with the challenge of addressing the multimedia learning expectations of a cohort of young adults who arrive online and on campus as accomplished multi-taskers, accustomed to using text messaging, instant messaging, cell phones and e-mail while simultaneously searching the World Wide Web and watching television. Web 2.0 tools and technologies can provide a variety of options for both instructors and learners to create content, interact, gather information and assess the learning process and are likely to increase student motivation as faculty make the switch from time-honored lectures to technology integrated instruction.




Web Voting - http://www.polleverywhere.com/polls/LTMzNjY2OTMyMQ

Chatzy - Trip to Rome Backchannel Discussion



Italian Alphabet (Alfabeto Italiano) 




L'alphabeto italiano

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The Travel Linguist - Italiano 101

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Roman Numerals (Numeri Romani)


I = 1               VIII = 5+3 = 8

C = 100          IX = 10-1 = 9

V = 5              XL = 50-10 = 40

D = 500          XC = 100-10 = 90


Web Voting - http://www.polleverywhere.com/polls/MzM2NTEzODQ0




Roman Empire 27 BC - 476 AD (Impero Romano 27 BC - 476 AD)

  1. Who was the first Christian emperor?


  2. When was the city of Byzantium first settled?


  3. What made Britain an attractive target for Rome?

Italian Language Blog (Blog Di Lingua Italiana)


Read Fragole & Cioccolato using Google Translate to find a recipe.  Post the name of the recipe in English and Italian.



Trip to Rome in Six Minutes Using Google Earth (Viaggio a Roma in sei minuti con Google Earth)


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Web Voting -http://www.polleverywhere.com/polls/ODQ5NTI3ODI0

Online Media Album







Additional Information (Informazioni aggiuntive)

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